Growing Up Dylan – Transgender Transitioning.

This blog is to share the journey through the life of a transgender boy. I will share obstacles, emotional experiences and most of all the accomplishments along the way of my sons transition. My intention is to help others going through something similar. To help them to grow, accept and guide their child through this amazingly, wonderful yet scary maze of life.

 This site is currently in the development stages…be patient; more content is coming soon!

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Welcome to our page. My name is Dawn. Follow me and my 11 year old son through his transition from female to male. The highs, the lows and everything in between. You’ll get to meet the whole family; all of which support Dylan 100%. Most importantly you’ll get to see what it is like “Growing Up Dylan”.

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Feel free to contact me with questions, advice or just to share your experiences. Comment below and send it or shoot me an email at